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Geschrieben am 2018-03-29

Diving under thick ice in Greenland (and probably in the rest of the polar world) means freezing one's buns off, but enjoying fantastic visibility and a mesmerizing twilight. The ice in the Tasiilaq fjord was about one meter thick, cutting a hole was a rather sweaty task...
Greenland in the wintertime appears to be a deserted land, hostile to life and devoid of plants. However, once you start to peer under the thick layer of ice on the ocean, you will discover another world where plants still thrive, fish still swim and various species of jellyfish float effortlessly through the water at -1,5° Celsius.
From the village Tasiilaq, the Arctic Expedition company 'Northern Explorers' heads out to dive under ice, around icebergs or to spot wildlife in the vast tundra and on high mountains.

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